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Lucy Harris is an artist filmmaker and visual artist who lives and works in London. In a combination of site-related work and studio practise her central thematic concerns are landscape, architecture history and memory. Collaboration and dialogue inform her work and she engages both as a practising artist, editor and curator.

Harris works with 16mm film to investigate, in particular, site, objects and sourced images (postcards, photographs, archive film) creating interweaving visual narratives that explore film as a site of illusion and allusion. A continuing concern in her practice is a consideration of what exists outside the offered ‘frame; of reference through processes that reveal the filmed image as constructed – altered via illusion, framing and exposure.

At present she is working on two projects, researching a new site based 16mm work Marble film, which will explore relationships between sculpture, architecture and modernism through a material investigation of both marble and 16mm film. Through identifying narrative fissures in architectural structures and objects, Marble Film will reappraise the way this material speaks authority.

She is also completing a series of collage works that examine visual representations of the environment, asking how these very representations contribute to the construction of notions of national identity and border control.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries, cinemas and film festivals in the UK and internationally, including the Whitechapel, BFI and ICA cinemas. In 2016/17 she was the recipient of the Rita Harris ACME studio award, and the winner of the Jules Wright 2016 Prize. She works as an editor and visiting lecturer at Kingston University and the London Film School.


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